Fitting Room of the Jour de Fête store
Central Gondola arranged in the Jour de Fête store
Cash desk and rear body trim
Wall covering for shelving plates
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Type : 
Sales area
1 030 m²

The brand: The Jour de Fête stores offer a wide range of disguises, decorations and gift ideas for all occasions.

Customer Need: Rearrange their store to the color of the new concept, more modern and more appealing to customers.

Solution provided by CVS AGENCEMENT: We totally refurbished the store located in Thionville. This change of furniture has therefore reinvigorated the sales area by making it more modern. The concept of the Jour de Fête sign was conceived by our teams from the design office as well as by the management of Jour de Fête. This store has been manufactured in blue and wood color by our various production workshops, and then installed by our installation teams for about 3 weeks. All of the furniture has been replaced by the new one, for example: central gondolas, wall cladding, cash counter, fitting room, back room ...