Target markets

CVS AGENCEMENT can execute all sizes of construction sites due to its high flexibility and its competence.

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CVS AGENCEMENT, thanks to its expertise and adaptability, can execute projects of any size.

CVS AGENCEMENT is more than 4000 m² of production area with two complementary workshops, carpentry and metalwork, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
It is thus able to mass produce furniture in various materials: wood, metal, resin, glass, stone ...

CVS AGENCEMENT is positioned in two segments:

  • Concept deployment with the layout of chain stores and restaurants.
  • Development of professional spaces: offices, headquarters...

Its teams of installers composed of skilled workers install furniture manufactured nationwide and border.

CVS AGENCEMENT can be the direct interlocutor of partner brands but can also collaborate with architects, prime contractors or general contractors who need
his know-how and his technical skills for the realization of their projects.

Several dozen partners trust us:

Crédit Agricole
Nachos Mexican Grill
Jour de Fête
La Foir'Fouille
Pizza Hut
BTB Tapis Benoit
Act la Mode
JEDCA - Cabinet Meyrieux