"Passion for the job, the taste for excellence and trust are our values.
Customer satisfaction is our driving force. "
Nicolas CARRIE and Florent VERCHERE, leaders.


CVS AGENCEMENT was created in August 2007 by Nicolas CARRIE and Florent VERCHERE, two dynamic young entrepreneurs. In order to make the most of their 15 years of experience in the layout, they decided to develop a structure at LE COTEAU capable of designing, manufacturing and installing.

Integration of a department of design

In order to better satisfy its customers, CVS AGENCEMENT decides to integrate into its team an  department of design in a dedicated space in direct contact with the workshop. Together, our skilled designers study the feasibility of each project and realize the manufacturing plans.

Creation of the purchasing department

To gain competitiveness, CVS AGENCEMENT created in 2011 a real purchasing department; indispensable interface between the supplier market and the company.

Expansion of production area

The company has a carpentry workshop and a metal workshop. But faced with the development of the company, the premises becoming too small, the leaders decide to increase the production area of ​​1600 m² and invest in more efficient equipment.

Creation of the works department

Thanks to the hiring of a works supervisor, each step of the realization of a project is followed closely  taking into account quality and delivery times.

Creation of the CV FINANCES group and the CVS AGENCEMENT and CV PRO'POSES subsidiaries

The year 2015 is a pivotal year with a restructuring of the company. Thus, the CV FINANCES group is created with its two subsidiaries CVS AGENCEMENT and CV PRO'POSES: 3 complementary entities with well-defined functions.

Move to new premises

The first goal of CVS AGENCEMENT is to satisfy its customers. It does everything possible to deliver products that combine aesthetics, functionality and quality. This is why since October 2016 the company has integrated brand new premises in SAINT GERMAIN LESPINASSE, more welcoming and functional.

Establishment of a new ERP

The company is pursuing its development by setting up a new ERP to optimize the various flows of the company and to allow a gain in productivity.

Expansion of the storage area

Two years after his move, the premises are already too small, an extension to the first building is built to enlarge the storage area of ​​1000 m² and reorganize the metal workshop.