The General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter "GDPR") of 25 May 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data lays down the framework applicable to the processing of personal data.

The RGPD strengthens the rights and obligations of process managers, contractors, data subjects and recipients of data.

For the sake of transparency, CVS Agencement has defined this policy to allow you to know more about:

The origin and purpose of the information processed during your browsing on the website of CVS Agencement (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") and any other possible exchange of information.

Your rights regarding cookies and other tracers used by CVS Agencement.

As part of its activity, CVS Agencement implements a personal data processing gathering the data of its customers and contacts.

For a good understanding of this policy it is stated that:

  • « customer(s) » :means any natural or legal person of CVS Agencement;
  • « contact(s) » : means any natural or legal person in relation with CVS Agencement but who is not a customer (prospects, relations, partners ...) ;
  • « responsible for the treatment» : désigne la personne physique ou morale qui détermine les finalités et les moyens d'un traitement de données à caractère personnel. Au titre de la présente politique, le responsable du traitement est CVS Agencement;
  • « subcontractor » : means any natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the controller. In practice, therefore, these are the service providers with whom CVS Agencement works and who intervene in the personal data it processes;
  • « persons concerned » : refers to people who can be identified, directly or indirectly. They are, under the terms hereof, qualified as "customer" or "contact";
  • « recipients » : means the natural or legal persons who receive the communication of personal data. The recipients of the data can therefore be internal recipients as well as external organizations (service providers, the Judicial Administration and its auxiliaries, ordinal bodies, etc.).

The RGPD requires that data subjects be informed of their rights in a concise, transparent, understandable and easily accessible way.


To meet its needs, CVS Agencement implements and exploits personal data processing relating to its customers and contacts.

The purpose of this policy is to fulfill the information obligation of CVS Agencement and thus to formalize the rights and obligations of its customers and contacts regarding the processing of their personal data.


This personal data protection policy is intended to apply as part of the implementation of the processing of personal data of customers and contacts of CVS Agencement.

This policy only covers the treatments for which CVS Agencement is responsible as well as the data described as "structured".

The processing of personal data may be handled directly by CVS Agencement or through a subcontractor specifically designated by him.


No processing is implemented by CVS Agencement concerning customer and contact data if it does not relate to personal data collected by or for our services or processed in connection with our services and if it does not respond the general principles of the GDPR. Any new processing, modification or deletion of an existing treatment will be brought to the attention of customers and contacts through a modification of this policy.


NON TECHNICAL DATA (depending on the use case) :

  • Identification: surname, first name, civility
  • Contact information: Phone, e-mail address, postal address, ...

TECHNICAL DATA (depending on the use case) in the form of cookies or other tracers):

  • Identification data (IP)
  • Connection data (logs in particular)
  • Consent data (click) essentially for online subscriptions (newsletter)

What are cookies ?

Cookies allow to keep, during their period of validity (367 days maximum), status information when a browser accesses the different pages of a website or when this browser later returns to said site. Only the issuer of a cookie can read or modify the information contained therein. There are different types of cookies:

  • session cookies that disappear as soon as you exit the browser or site;
  • permanent cookies that remain on your device until their lifetime expires or until you delete them using your browser's features.

The installation of certain cookies is subject to your consent. During your first visit to the CVS Agencement website, an information banner will appear at the bottom of the screen inviting you to agree to the use of cookies or similar tracers. If you consent to it in accordance withGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can always return to your choice.

More specifically, what cookies do we use:





What are they for ?



Third party cookie


Google Inc

Internet analytics for statistical purposes and to measure traffic that allows website and application owners to better understand the behavior of their users.

13 months


Third party permanent cookie of statistics and follow-up


Google Inc

This cookie is used to distinguish unique visitors to the site. The latter is updated on every page viewed.

13 months


Third party permanent cookie of statistics and follow-up


Google Inc

This cookie is used to follow the visit session of the user. The use of this cookie coupled with the utmc cookie makes it possible to follow the visits (sessions) on a given site.

30 minutes


Third party cookie


Google Inc

This cookie works in addition to the _utmb cookie to determine whether or not there is a new visit by the current visitor.

Expires at the end of your session


Third party cookie


Google Inc

This is a cookie used as part of the Google Analytics service. Its purpose is to limit the number of requests sent to the server.

10 minutes


Third party permanent cookie of statistics and follow-up


Google Inc

This cookie stores all the information needed to identify a traffic source.

6 months


statistical and tracking cookie



This cookie makes it possible to measure the volume of consumption of the audio and video streams on the players of the site.

13 months

How to disable cookies?

You have several options to delete cookies and other tracers.

Browser settings

The registration of a cookie in your terminal is essentially subordinate to your will, which you can express and modify at any time and free of charge through the choices offered to you by your browser software.

If most browsers are set by default and accept the installation of cookies, you have the option, if you wish, to choose to accept all cookies or to reject them systematically or to choose those that you accept according to their issuers. You can also set your browser to accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis prior to their installation. You can also regularly delete cookies from your device via your browser. Do not forget to set all browsers for your different devices (tablets, smartphones, computers etc.). For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to change your wishes for cookies. For exemple:

To fully benefit from the functionality of the Site, the activation of cookies is required. If your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, this may prevent the use of some of our services, which CVS Agencement can not be responsible for. In order to manage cookies as close as possible to your expectations, we invite you to configure your browser, taking into account the purpose of the cookies.

Publisher Opposition Modules

You can choose to disable Google Analytics cookies, directly by going to the following page:

For more practical information on the management of cookies, we recommend you to consult the website of the National Commission for Computing and Liberties, and more particularly the page :

CVS Agencement does not deal with sensitive data, except the necessary data« "to the finding, exercise or defense of a right in court or whenever jurisdictions act within the framework of their jurisdictional function "[Article 9 of the RGPD].


CVS Agencement collects the data of its customers and contacts from:

  • data provided by the client in the context of a file entrusted to CVS Agencement (client file);
  • electronic forms or forms completed by the client;
  • registration or subscription to our online services (website, newsletter ...);
  • Visit statistics via the Google Analytics tool;


Depending on the case, CVS Agencement processes your data for the following purposes:

  • processing of files entrusted to CVS Agencement;
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • management of events organized by CVS Agencement (conferences, breakfasts, etc.);
  • sending of our newsletters;
  • answers to questions asked (by phone or online);
  • responses to public or private tenders;
  • sending of our wishes and other event exchanges;
  • improvement of our services;
  • responses to our administrative obligations;
  • performance of statistics.


The processing purposes presented above are based on the following conditions of lawfulness:

Clients: Pre-contractual or contractual performance

Contacts: Legitimate interest and where required by law, consent


CVS Agencement ensures that the data is accessible only to internal recipients.


The shelf life of the data is defined by CVS Agencement in view of the legal and contractual constraints on it. It is set as part of its shelf life policy.

After the deadlines set in the said policy, the data are either deleted or preserved after being anonymised, in particular for reasons of statistical use.

Customers and contacts are reminded that deletion or anonymization are irreversible operations and that CVS Agencement is no longer able to restore them.


Customers and contacts traditionally have a right to ask CVS Agencement for confirmation that their data is being processed.

Customers and contacts also have access rights. The request must be made in writing to the following address: CVS Agencement, 386 Allée des Oddins, 42640 Saint Germain Lespinasse or via the contact form of our site.

Customers and contacts have the right to request a copy of their personal data processed by CVS Agencement. If customers and contacts submit their request for a copy of the data electronically, the requested information will be provided in an electronic form in common use, unless requested otherwise.

The right of access must not be exercised abusively, that is to say carried out regularly for the sole purpose of destabilizing CVS Agencement.


The exercise of this right is exercised with your usual contact, failing this with the Directorate in charge of communication of CVS Agencement.

In order to regularly update the personal data collected by CVS Agencement, it will be able to solicit the customers and contacts who will have the possibility to satisfy its requests.

CVS Agencement can not be criticized for not updating if the customer or the contact does not update his data.


The right to delete customers and contacts will not apply in cases where the processing is implemented to fulfill a legal obligation.

Apart from this situation, customers and contacts may request the deletion of their data in the following limiting cases:

  • where the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
  • when the data subject withdraws the consent on which the treatment is based and there is no other legal basis for the treatment;
  • where the data subject objects to the treatment necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by CVS Agencement and that there is no compelling legitimate reason for the processing;
  • where the data subject objects to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of prospecting, including profiling;
  • where the personal data has been the subject of unlawful processing.


Customers and contacts are informed that this right is not intended to apply insofar as the processing operated by CVS Agencement is lawful and all the personal data collected are necessary for the execution of the commercial contract.


For all the mentioned rights of which the customer or the contact benefits and in accordance with the legislation on the protection of the personal data, you are informed that these are rights of individual nature which can be exerted only by the concerned in relation to his own information. To fulfill this obligation, we will verify the identity of the person concerned.


Customers and contacts are informed on each form of collection of personal data of the mandatory or optional nature of the responses by the presence of an asterisk.

In the event that answers are required, CVS Agencement explains to customers and contacts the consequences of not responding.



CVS Agencement is granted by customers and contacts the right to use and process their personal data for the purposes set out above.

However, enriched data that is the result of CVS Agencement processing and analysis work, otherwise known as enriched data, remains its exclusive property (usage analysis, statistics, etc.).


CVS Agencement informs its customers and contacts that it can involve any subcontractor of its choice in the processing of their personal data (ex : Google Analytics). In this case, CVS Agencement ensures that the subcontractor complies with its obligations under the GDPR.


In case of violation of personal data, CVS Agencement undertakes to notify the CNIL under the conditions prescribed by the RGPD.

If the breach poses a high risk to customers and contacts and the data has not been protected, CVS Agencement:

  • will notify affected customers and contacts;
  • provide relevant customers and contacts with the necessary information and recommendations.